Thank you for purchasing the WiseTrader Toolbox!

You will need to activate your copy of WiseTrader Toolbox before you can use it. Activating is simple!

When you first open Amibroker, you should be greeted with the WiseTrader Toolbox splash screen and then a box (see below) will appear. You need to select the hardware key which will appear in the box and copy it by pressing Ctrl + C (The key must be copied and pasted exactly, otherwise your generated license key will not work and you may lose that activation!) or press the copy button (highly recommended to avoid mistakes) . Then go to www.WiseTraderToolbox.com and request a license key (Via the Generate My License link) for your computer by pasting your hardware key in the appropriate box. The license key should be automatically generated within a few moments so please be patient. This key will enable you to run the WiseTrader Toolbox indefinitely on this computer with one year of free updates from the date of purchase.

When you receive your license key, just copy and paste it into the License Key box and press OK. If everything goes OK you should be greeted with a message of your successful activation. If not, please make sure that you copied the key correctly. If it still does not work, contact support immediately with your hardware key and we will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.